The Cure for morning sickness!!


Today I had my first visit with my midwife. For the past several weeks I have not even felt like a person. I have been extremely nauseated and grumpy. When I shared this with my midwife she gave me a handout about beans. That's right. Beans.

According to this handout from, morning sickness is from hormones. We all know this. But apparently when HCG is released, the liver responds by producing bile. Bile breaks down the fatty acids we eat, and when we have no fatty acids to digest, the excess bile causes nausea. I know what you are thinking; if you eat more fatty foods the nausea will go away because the bile had a job right? Wrong. When you eat fatty foods more bile is released making the nausea worse.

The key to getting rid of the bile is beans. Beans are full of soluble fiber. And guess what? Soluble fiber and bile love each other. They actually bind so tightly they cannot be parted, and then they exit the body through a bowel movement.

How much do you need to eat? If you are feeling nauseous you need to immediately eat beans. At least 1/4 of a cup. If you can eat more, even better. You will see relief in under 20 minutes. The nausea will go away. However, the nausea will return depending on the levels of HCG causing the liver to produce more bile. You can expect 1-4 hours. As soon as you feel queasy, eat more beans. After the consumption of beans, each bile release is less nauseating. Eventually, within a few days, you will not have to hang your head over a bowl of beans all day. In fact, you will be able to consume beans just once or twice a day to prevent the morning sickness from occurring.

As soon as I got home from my visit. I tried these suggestions. I made a bowl of black beans. And even after the first bite, my nausea started going away. It has now been 3 hours and still no nausea. I am completely floored. And my husband says his wife is back which is a good thing 😉 Give it a try ladies. You won't be sorry!!