Our stinker ❤️

Born at 36 weeks he is home happy and healthy ❤️ water broke on Memorial Day, was sent home because the amnio test was negative. I knew I should've followed my gut and gone to another hospital, but instead j Labored all Tuesday at home. Wednesday I felt very ill and contractions were very painful. Went to a different hospital Wednesday night where it was confirmed that my water had indeed broken, and now I had an infection I was 5cm dilated, but contractions had slowed down. My blood pressure was very high, and there was protein in my urine, so I was given pitocin to speed along labor. As I was getting the epidural I passed out, and was unconscious for five minutes (according to my husband) I was woken up with ammonia, all I remember is all of the sudden it felt as though I couldn't breathe from choking on something. I was being prepped for an emergency c section when I felt the urge to push, and sure enough his head was right there! I pushed for thirty minutes.. He came out occipital posterior position which made for a rough delivery. Spent only a day in NICU for oxygen, and jaundice. We are home now, and his brothers, sister, daddy, and I are so relieved to have our healthy baby boy here with us!