Love hate anyone

Nichelle • 22; I's a momma now! Happiest day of my life 9/6/16💙Tyler's Momma
Does anyone else have a SERIOUS love - hate relationship with their SO? Like their the greatest person you've ever met, they make the day begin, and you love them with your whole being...but like when they do shit or say just want to stab them in their Achilles heel? Like you literally contemplate trying to get in touch with Viola Davis to see how to actually get away with murder? And how your pregnancy pillow is perfect for suffocating someone to death...but don't because you're on a restriction limit of 10 pounds and the fat bastard weighs like 30,00000 tons and you know you can't do it alone but the only who'd be down to help you bury a body is your bestfriend who lives all the way in D.C ? 
SN: When I send you a text of what I want on my chipotle burrito there's absolutely no excuse for you too bring anything other than what I asked for! I love my SO, he is my sunshine...but I'm gonna poison his oatmeal in the morning 😡