Need opinions I guess

Ok so I'm 16. I hope that doesn't change you guys' opinions were. I have been terribly struggling for the last two years with my view of myself. I am extremely unhappy, like its so bad with my appearance and just everything about me. I'm a 5'10 black girl. (And not saying I'm unsatisfied with my race, just giving background) I've always been told by my family I was a very pretty girl, but I feel Like it means nothing because they're my family of course they'll say that. for the longest time I was talked about for being tall, and every feature that comes with being a tall girl. And it's just everything else. And it's slowly starting to bring me further and further down. All I can do is cry sometimes. I recently had my first heartbreak and I completely blame it on my appearance and my height. I can't tell this is becoming unhealthy. All i want to know is any ideas on what I can do to try and bring me out is this because I can tell it's becoming a serious problem.