Please don't just ignore..

I know there are a lot of girls that get on here and ask for advice, but I need advice for my relationship.. I feel now that I have gotten pregnant, my boyfriend of nearly five years doesn't even want to be with me. I am five month pregnant and he asks me all the time about how I think we would co-parent if we were to separate. He also never acknowledges how I feel, he never spends time with me, all he does is sit in front of his PlayStation. Our relationship has really went down hill. We hadn't had sex in two months and then last night we finally did and I feel like he wasn't having sex with ME, that he was thinking of someone else. He wouldn't even look at me. I don't know what to do and I'm afraid because I feel like he wants these other little girls and not a family. He would rather have a hoe instead. He has been liking all these girls pictures but never likes anything I post about the baby, and when I ask him about it, he always has a dumbass excuse. What should I do? I feel completely worthless and unwanted.