I need some support ladies

I am 15 weeks pregnant and 37 years old and the father of my child has been lying and stealing from me for months not only that but he is found and selling drugs. He's on his way back to jail he won't go to rehab he won't even admit he has a problem he's stolen from other people as well.
I've left him and since he has drained me I had to move back home temporarily. The thing is I know I had to leave him for my safety and the babies . I just want to know if I am doing the right thing by leaving and not helping . I told him to get clean get a job and come back yo us but that's the only way he can he in our lives but he won't he Doesn't think he has a problem. My heart wants him but my head knows better what do I listen to ?
I don't even know what I am asking I just know someone on here has gone Thur or is going Thur this .
Thank you for reading this and God bless you all and our sweet babies