Orgasms! I can't get them! Please read!

I have never been able to get an orgasm through vaginal sex through intercourse or with toys.. The only way I have ever been able to orgasm is through stimulating my clitoris. Is this normal? I have had sex hundreds of times as I have been in long term relationships and have had multiple partners but have never experienced an orgasm through sex. It's irritating because I hate faking it but it's humiliating not being able to orgasm when I have sex.. And I just want to know what that orgasm feels like! I get orgasms by playing with my clit which feels amaaazzzinggg but I want to be able to get off through sex too! Any advice? Also the poll is because I would like to know if you can only achieve orgasms through stimulating your clitoris, through vaginal sex, or both. 

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