What's a typical day for a baby less than two months old?

I have been reading others post on spending time with their LO, and I realized most of you can get the baby in bed and sleep by 9 or 10 pm. I usually have my baby girl sleep by midnight even we start the feeding at 9ish or 10 at night. How do you manage to do that?
My day starts at 8am recently since I rented a double pump, LO wakes up at 7 for a feed and goes back to sleep till 9. Then she doesn't nap much during the day until we got a baby bouncer, so I don't have time to cook when she's awake most of the time. Husband comes home around 6 to cook and we finish dinner by 8:30, I pump before shower and get in bed while husband bathes LO. LO gets in bed with me around 10 most of time.  I breastfeed and supplement with formula using lactation aid (feeding tube), so her feeding  before bedtime takes 1.5 to 2 hours. 
 I would like to know how your typical day goes when the LO doesn't sleep much during the day. Any advice that can get my LO sleeps by 10 the latest when she's very demanding for human hug