So my SO and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary at the end of July. We're both still in college but this is our last summer with both of us still at home (next summer he's starting an intense 12 month master's program and ill be out of the state/city doing research). So we wanted to make this anniversary extremely special and go on our first roadtrip together just the 2 of us for 4 days.

He just told me that his parents bought them all (except his mom, him his dad amd his brother) plane tickets to go up north for 6 days. And he wouldn't be back in time for our anniversary. They apparently bought the tickets a month or a few months ago and wanted to keep it a surprise. Well when they told him a week ago he tried telling his dad that thats our anniversary and his dad was just like "i dont care, you're going, I'm not getting a refund".

I feel really hurt and mad by this because me and him both have summer classes and we were waiting until our anniversary because he would be done with his and we would have more time/freedom to take a trip. Our anniversary is so close to the end of summer though that our road trip can't happen because we'll both be starting our fall semester the week after. I've thought about talking to his mom about this and seeing if she'll be more understanding about it. I've been crying for 2 days over this because I've never lasted 3 years with someone and i really wanted this anniversary to be special. We also both agreed to not really take any huge vacations this summer so i planned my whole summer around not going anywhere huge (plane trip, cruise, out of state, etc).

What do i do? I just feel like our anniversary means nothing to them. I want to go with them but i just dont have the money for a $600 plane ticket plus food and everything there. Am i in the wrong to be so upset about this? I'm just really heartbroken right now and feel helpless.