Baby and prep book recommendations?

Cory • A California girl living in South Korea with her South African husband.

So I'm feeling okay about pregnancy stuff... I'm familiar with the biology and there's lots of resources on the Internet about what's coming up, but I'm feeling much more nervous and unprepared about the actual BABY stuff. I feel so overwhelmed seeing mommies argue about things I've never thought about like "tummy time" and "baby wearing" and "sleep training."

So I'm thinking I need some books! There aren't any English bookstores near me, so I'll have to order some online which means I can't just browse. 😕 Does anyone have recommendations for books that helped them prepare for baby? Which are the best? Which are just useless?

If it helps, I like knowing lots of information, but I'm pretty practical and pragmatic when it comes to actual practice. I have a "something is better than nothing" type of personality, if that makes any sense.