What should I do ..babys father

Just wanting to get some opinions my child's father and I broke up when I was 3 months pregnant and he moved back home which is 2 hours from me.. throughout the pregnancy he contacted me only 3 times but acted like he was preparing for the baby ..which was a lie..he always gave me the impression that he was going to actively be part of his life.. when the baby was born i contacted him so he could come see him at the hospital.. my child is now 1 month and he hasn't contacted me since the hospital he hasn't offered anything no diapers no formula nothing .. I don't know if I should contact him and ask what his deal is or just leave it alone .. the reason I wouldn't contact him is bc I feel that he's a grown man and knows what the right thing to do is and if he isn't gonna do it then that's on him but at the same time I want to know how he thinks this is acceptable.. no mean comments just need some unbiased opinions thanks