Electric fence

Figured I'd share my stupid story about getting zapped yesterday.
I help out with farm chores at my parents house, and yesterday they were putting up hay. I was opening and closing gates in the pasture to keep the cows in and wasn't quite paying attention to where the gate latch chain was...I ended up dropping the chain right on the live fence wire. For those who don't know why that was an issue....the chain automatically became electrified when it touched the live fence wire.  Baby brain kicked in, causing me to grab the chain. Got a nice little zap.  I did get the chain safely off the hot wire, and the baby is fine, but that little while when he didn't move was the longest of my life!   I told my mom about it later, and she said "Well, your grandma got into the fence several times while pregnant with your dad...it's not high enough voltage to do any real damage."  So ladies, my advice after getting the "shock of a lifetime" is to pay attention around electric fence.