How to really conceive (my history)

Well, first of all, sorry for my bad English. Anyway, I'm here because I promised myself once I get my BFP I'd say to exactly what I did in order to help you.
The thing is: remember that person that told you "just relax and chill this moment with your SO and that will happen eventually"? I'm sorry to tell you, but that person is right. If you're healthy, or even if the doctors says you have a change conceiving naturally and you still hasn't got your BFP, you should just RELAX.
In my case, I married November 2016, and we've trying since then. I'm a veeeeeeery emotional people, I overthink everything and, most of all, am very very anxious. So I used to think "oh my God, if people say I'm suppose to relax to conceive, this will never happen to me!". I tried PreSeed, maca root and a lot of other stuff. We did it every time I was in my fertile week. Sometimes even the whole month (it was very bad sex, btw). But the relax they mean is not just emotionally, it's in the sexual meaning too.
In March I was diagnosed with PCOS and was feeling so bad about myself. But the doctor said even if my exam was showing that's probably it, I didn't have any problem with my hormones, so maybe I didnt even have that disease. That maybe back down a little.
I deleted the app, because I couldn't handle myself watching all of that Glow Announcments, and the questions about mucus, and other stuff. That was killing me. I was only thinking about.
The last month (May) me and my husband only had intercourse when we wanted too (felt like doing it). I was still sad, anxious and thinking about TTC, but wasn't forcing myself into sex. We just made love. It's not that in the past we didn't make love to. We love each other very much, and all sexual intercourse we make is beautiful and passionate. But this last month it was just to prove ourselves that we love each other (was like the result/confirmation of our love). 
When my period was late more than 5 days, I thought "fuck it's because of the PCOS", although I've never been late more than 2 days. I was in a cruise ship with my family and couldn't do or even buy a test. So I just waited. Once I landed, we immediately bough a test and it the result is below:
My suggestion is: if you're healthy, but anxious and that's getting in the way, delete this app, love your husband and focus on your life and I guarantee you, it will happen!