Finally got him to read

I got my hubs a book called 'the expectant father' because, while this is my second, it's his first and he didn't come into my sons life till he was 7 months. I got it at about 7 weeks Preggo. I'm now 25 weeks and he just picked it up two days ago. He won't put it down and has almost finished the book. He keeps saying how blown away he is by everything I'm doing, how we're both experiencing stuff he didn't realize was pregnancy related, and, the best part, he's asking questions. About sids, about burping, about co sleeping, everything. So grateful he read it, and I feel much better knowing he's a lot more informed and prepared :) he's an amazing man, and a great dad. Can't wait for him to have a child of his own. What man wouldn't love to have two sons to carry on the family name?