I AM SO MAD (Warning: Long Rant)

I just really need to vent ladies and I feel like this is just such a safe place so I hope I don't receive any hassle.. Last night I hung out with a friend, who I've hung out many times with before, and everything was going great. He's so easy to talk to and I feel like I can be my full and complete self around him. Last night however, our conversations got deeper. He told me if his past relationship and the adversities they faced with an unwanted pregnancy and the choice they ultimately made to terminate. I told him about my past relationships, being cheated on, and some of my family dynamic. It was obvious the subjects we shared with each other we're both personal and not something we like to talk about. I told him how I had just ended an on again off again relationship of sorts earlier in the week, and then slept with another guy coincidentally. He is just so easy going so I felt comfortable telling him. But it got late so we laid down to go to bed and he said he wanted to cuddle... Well what turned to cuddling led to another thing and we ended up having sex... And I feel SO taken advantage of. I literally couldn't talk, I couldn't say one word and I have no idea why. Thinking back now I'm regretting it all and so mad at myself for not being able to get a word out of my mouth. I feel gross and slutty and just like I've let myself and everything I aspire to be down.... I'm so mad.