Could honestly punch my partner😒

Kayley • 24 years old, I have a little boy who’s 4 and I’m TTC my second baby!! 👶🏻
I don't know if i am over exaggerating or not. But i am 37 weeks on Friday and my partner keeps inviting people round without telling me, like today for example, we went to shops for some bits and bobs and my partner wanted a few beers which i was fine with, he then tells me that his friend is coming up for a bit which was also fine. But as his one friend appeared there was now four friends who all came in for a drink, meanwhile i'm sitting there trying to watch my tv while or these loud drunk people are in my livingroom. Am i being hormonal or would you have a problem with this? I don't want lots of people in the house when i am so close to my due date😕