Cold Moon
So I went to the doc to see why I had such a horrible smell down there. I thought it was a yeast infection that wouldn't go away. It turned out to be BV and maybe yeast. She gave me a prescription for that. Then they called saying the pap was abnormal and to come in. She didn't reswab me because I was taking a toothpaste like goo medicine into my vagina for the BV. She said the STD test was inconclusive and wanted to prescribe pills for Chlamydia and a shot for gonnarhea. Because I guess those are two STD that are likely to go together? Idk. Anyway, I've been with the same guy three years and he's never been tested, so I assumed that he had given it to me. So he went in for testing and his results came back today, NEGATIVE. and now I am freaking the fuuu out ! He asked if I was hiding anything and he thought it was weird and too specific of a test for them to not know the results. So now I'm thinking that I never really had it because he would have gotten it after three years together. Like wtf is going on?! Anyone ever had this? I am wanting to call the doctor and freak out!!!