I Just Wanna Brag On My Boyfriend For A Minute. Since This Pregnancy Has Begun I've Been So Tired And Just Can't Stay Awake That I Can't Work Right Now So He Went And Got 2 Jobs, Which He Recently Started Making More Money At One Job So He Quit The Other One. Well The Other Night I Woke Up Craving Chicken Strips So Bad That He Drove Like 5 Miles Away To The Only IHOP That's Open 24/7 And Sat There While I Ate My Food.. Then I Felt So Sick Yesterday From Sun Poisoning That When He Got Off Work He Ran Me A Warm Bubble Bath With Candles And Everything To Help Me Relax Then Gave Me A Massage With Cocoa Butter, Brushed And Braided My Hair.. I Am Truly Blessed To Have This Man Next To Me Throughout This Pregnancy