Baby shower

So my best friend of 12 years, she's basically a sister to me, is 14 weeks pregnant. I'm attempting to plan her a baby shower, but I've only been to about 2 in my whole life. I just was looking for suggestions and trying to keep on a smaller budget. Not looking to plan too much till she's about 20 weeks, when she finds out the gender. Right now I'm looking into just dollar tree for decorations. And doing Facebook for invites to save money there. Was also planning just small finger foods like chocolate covered strawberries or what's pictured below. Still debating on desserts. I saw on Google someone had like DIY cupcake bar. You provide plain cupcakes then people ice and add toppings from a bar set up. Don't know if that'd be a good idea. Also looking if you ladies have any other ideas for games, music: is it necessary?, any recipes for food or things like punch to drink. Thanks in advance.