Who believes it


Do you guys believe in true love I have a boyfriend we've had our ups and downs I've been with this man for 3 years I've meet him with nothing no job etc and I help him build everything in the begging everything was perfect It was all the lovely dubbie stuff now we get into bug arguments he's done alot of hurt full stuff put me down drag me out etc we weren't financially stable sober started saving up well long story short 5 years ago I had a long distant relationship some one I was madly in love he had moved to vegas becasue of me but he couldn't find work her we were young I was 17 going on 18 he was 21 now I'm 23 and he's 27 he had to leave to utha for work never did we say our good bye I lost a big piece of me in was so depressed etc well guess what I found him on facebook he has a g.f no kids and we recently been in contact but he admit that he so ashamed of what he did no ladies were not talking about getting back we both respect each other's relation ship but do ya believe in if it's meant to be it always find its way back has any one been in this situation

Sorry for being so long ?