Fussiness in middle of feeding...? πŸ˜°πŸ˜–

5 week old baby of mine is breastfeeding mostly and for the past few days in the middle of feeding he'll get irritated or something and fussy and let go and whine and I know he's still hungry but he won't take it back in so I stop trying and he just cries for a few seconds until he starts chewing his hands and then I try again and he takes it...and then it happens all over. I don't know if he's having gas or constipation or something in my milk bothering him or whatttt???? 😫 is this normal? Has this happened to anyone or is there something wrong? 
Update: so I decided to go online and see if this is normal...and apparently it is! Lol how relieving yet πŸ˜’ haha.Β