Not sure what is going on but..

My boyfriend came in me on may 6 and I haven't had sex since then. A week before that I took valtrex because I thought I could have herpes . I also took fluconazole twice because I thought I could have a yeast infection.

I never miss my period it always comes the same time and it is now two weeks late. I took a test it said negative. I took two others also but I may have over saturated one and had too much water in my system for the other. But they were all negative.

Does anyone have any insight on what might be happening. I feel like it's weird my period has been perfect for two years and now it's not.

The medicines I took said that there isn't an effect on the effectiveness of birth control. But I'm scared. Also when my boyfriend came in me it was when I was on my placebo pills . The first/second day after my period ended.

Any idea what is happening ?