Miss the old app

I kind of miss this app being just for TTC and pregnancy. In terms of the forums, I think it takes away from the excitement and diminishes the ability to relate to one another when we are all at different phases in our lives. 
Also, while I totally respect that young girls should learn about their cycles, I think there should be a separate app for that. I worry that exposing some of these teens and tweens to TTC may influence them to start TTC and have babies too early. Kids are very impressionable, and it'd be hard not to get caught up in the excitement of a positive pregnancy test or OPKs. In fact, I'm waiting to read an article about a lawsuit against Glow when someone's parents blame Glow for encouraging their kid to have a baby.
​As someone TTC, I'm starting to not like this app as much. Let me clarify. I love the cycle tracking, but the forum topics are no longer for someone in my stage of life who downloaded this app for a specific purpose. Just thought I'd share. I respect everyone on here. I just don't like the forums anymore. :(