Herpes scare

So, a while back my SO and I had a big scare. He kissed me with a sore, and we thought I had one on my lip. I was masturbating and stupidity forgot, and was touching my lip then my vagina. 
I had thought FOR SURE I had genital herpes. I was so sure, I was finding bumps and I was red and itchy. And I didn't want my boyfriend to get it too, so I was distancing myself, and created a dating profile so I was prepared for after we broke up. 
I got the test finally. And it turns out I had no sore, it was a scap from picking my lip. And I just happened to get a minor yeast infection at the PERFECT TIME to make me believe I got herpes. I'm perfectly fine now.
Fast forward in the future, I forgot all about creating a dating site profile. He found it and got really upset that I started talking to guys and was going to break up with him, he kept telling me he didn't care if I got it, and we will work around it. But I didn't honestly believe that. He is terrified to get a STI. I'm not sure what to do now 😞