4th MC just found out today :(

Beth • TTC Rainbow Baby #1 after four MCs
Had a positive pregnancy test on Saturday. Started spotting on Sunday very light cycle Mon and Tues then nothing today large clots I was shattered I rushed to dr to find out that I miscarried again. I knew my body didnt feel right this time at all. I didnt announce it for that reason but the fact that this is number 4 makes me think I may never give birth or have a baby at all. I only told two friends. I had to post this somewhere. Due to being on coumadin from a past blood clot since Nov they said thats what caused it I just got off that medicine last week I had a major foot operation which got infected and foot nearly amputated they said when they put the picc line in for antibiotics for a month it caused a clot so I could go off coumadin finally. Yet now my baby is gone. I am broken and angry and shattered. I just dont know what to do :'(