Happiest time of your life?!

Hey guys!! I was thinking about my man and how much joy he brings to my life, so I thought I'd ask you all, What has been your happiest time with you Lover/Friends/Family ect! 
Mine was the day of my Deb Ball, I did it with my boyfriend and he made me feel so important all day. He always makes me feel like a princess, but that night I felt like a true princess and he was my prince. More than usual. We had so much fun that night. I will never forget it! 
We chose going home and cuddling over going to the after Party. It was the first ever time we stayed over night together, I went to his house, we started dating at 15, we were both 17 and took it slow to finally have a night cuddling. It was so relaxing feeling his hand on my hip through the night and pulling my closer. We are both 17 and he makes me the happiest person ever. 
Tell me your most happiest moment! Please no rude comments! I thought we needed to bring more and more happiness to the community! 😊😊❤️❤️