Could miscarriage be a genetic thing?

This is probably going to sound like a super stupid question but could miscariage be a genetic thing?

The reason I am asking is my husband is actually supposed to have an older brother, but his mother miscarried. 1 miscarriage in 5 pregnancies.

Then my husband actually got his high school gf 'pregnant' but she 'miscarried'

And the only reason I'm putting quotations here is because she announced her pregnancy after they broke up, so he got back with her and she then had a miscarriage.. he never saw a pregnancy test or ultrasound or anything.... so it could have been a fake pregnany. Not saying it was but ya know...

Then almost 2 months ago, his 17 year old sister got pregnant, at 6 weeks, she lost the baby....

Just being so many miscarriages in his family, could it be a genetic thing with all of them?