After 1.5 BFP!

After more than a year trying, I got a BFP! Couldn't believe it so had a to take a few, lol. I am almost five weeks along. This BFP a comes after more than a year trying and one failed <a href="">IUI</a>. My second <a href="">IUI</a> worked! I did <a href="">IUI</a> w/ Clomid and injectables. Now, next step is to go in for more bloodwork and ultrasound next week. I'm surprised they do ultrasound so early but as long as baby is healthy, I'm happy. Blessings to everyone who got their BFP and is trying. Cheers to a healthy nine months for those carrying!! I told my family but really want to tell my bestie also - but I know I have to wait until out of the woods. How long did most people wait to tell friends? Xo