Do it for the ladies

Caitlin • 22; we did not ask for this room or this music but we have it nonetheless, so let us dance
So, I was given this fantastic diagram, I think anyone giving or receiving lady head should take a gander. 
I've personally seen great improvement. It's not a one size fits all deal (cause I mean, we all come in different shapes, sizes, lengths, depths, so on and so forth) but it is a great starting point, refresher, or if your partner just needs to tweak their game. 
To all the young ladies out there: do everyone a favor and letcha partner know what's up. If it's not good, say so. Nobody gains anything by sparing someone's feelings for the sake of their sexy time ego. You and your partner will both appreciate the honesty (you get great feels, they get to learn how to blow your mind). Nothing ever changes if nothing ever changes!