After pregnancy

I cry so much more now than I did my entire pregnancy. I only remember crying 6 times in that ten months. Now I cry so much. Especially the second night home when Isabella would not sleep and would not so crying. I cried because breastfeeding is so hard and I feel like a failure at it. I cannot get her to latch right. My nipples are scabbed and sore. So I got a breast pump. I'm happy to say the first time my husband got to bottle feed her he had a huge smile on his face. I cried just holding her when she was sleeping, looking at her knowing she would someday grow up and have her own life. I cry about little things that are just silly too. I never knew how much this would change my life. My husband has turned into a new man. He's very supportive and does everything for us. When I'm not feeding her, he is rocking her and telling me to get some sleep. If I'm feeding her he is making me food, and he won't eat until I do. Also I have no appetite, ever. So he is always reminding me to eat, and making food for me. He tells me all the time how proud he is of me, and that I'm a good mother. Yup, here are the tears again. I am so blessed. I'm so happy. I love my little girl so much and I love her father even more than I knew I could. <3