CNA and pregnant

Okay so way before I've been pregnant the nursing home I work for has the laziest CNAS I've ever met. The good ones always seems to quit or get fired somehow. I feel like there's too much favoritism. Also, I'm a non-smoker so the other aides seem to get more breaks than I do. It's unfair, it's hard as it is being understaffed. I tried quitting I literally didn't give a crap and stopped showing up for a few days. They didn't fire me Instead they kept calling me and texting me saying to come back we need you you're an awesome worker blah blah. Well I came back, I know I need the money more than ever. Well I know my husband said he will pick up extra hours if he has too. I'm 10 weeks pregnant but it's tough. My job requires a lot of heavy lifting. And it's super stressful. I don't like to work like this being pregnant. I know other pregnant women who are also CNAS  could do it. But I don't have to...should I? Should I quit? Because I feel like it. I'm honestly afraid, it took me forever to get pregnant after 5 years of trying I not want to risk it. I was at high risk My last pregnancy my daughter was premature