Long story short, my boyfriend mother works at my school which is a massive issue. He is a lovely boy who I absolutely adore. Really well brought up and has very high expectations going for him.  Going back a few years I was nothing but a little bitch; in with the wrong people ect... Well so obviously I was labelled as trouble. When it came out that we were together his mum didn't approve and done (doing) everything in her will to stop this. I've tried so hard to impress her but it's not enough and tbh if I'm liked because of who I am, I shouldn't have to change. She has invaded his personal accounts and read through our messages which she didn't approve of and I feel very embarrassed like come on we're young and experimenting. She has taken away our contact and we are no longer to see each other outside of the 6 form building. I feel like I can't physically go on like this, but neither do I want to leave one of the best things that I have in my life. Please help😔