(Step) Mom Issues

I already know what you judgmental ladies will say, but I need to vent and honestly there is no place else to do it.

I am the step parent to a give year old who I have been around since he was one and a half (married 2 years). My husband and I have custody of him and he calls me mom. Before you get all up in arms, we tried explaining to him that I wasn't and he needed to call me by my name. He insisted I was his mother and, when I spoke to my therapist about it, she said he had already made the decision to call me that and telling him he was wrong would be emotionally and mentally harmful to him.

My (step) sons biological mother is still physically around but doesn't help him emotionally or financially. She constantly tells him to lie to my husband and I and she herself insists that anything negative he says about her is a lie. My husband has not received child support in over half a year and, unfortunately, she has another child from a different guy that is now six months old (mind you, she and this guy dated for three months before she became pregnant). My son has told me multiple times that he hates his new sibling and he doesn't love his biological mother anymore and wants me to be his only mom.

While to some I may sound horrible for "trying to take her place"-- whatever. There are tons of things I could tell you to sway your opinion but there's really no point in that when you'll form your opinions regardless.

My current issue that I am struggling with is my issues with my (step) son. I have been his "mom" for so long it's difficult for me to remember a time before it. I'm currently pregnant with a biological child of my own and my previous anxiety is compounded. Everything my son does now annoys me or makes me mad. I hate listening to him talk or laugh. I never want to spend time with him. I feel like maybe I resent him because my own family no longer cares about me as an individual, which is difficult to deal with when I need support now more than ever.

Any time I tell my dad I have a doctor's appointment for my pregnancy or I'm doing something for myself to help relax, he always counters with the fact that I should be spending my money on my step son or doing things for him rather than doing these things for myself. I tried to explain that I have doctor's appointments every month (which he knows because, duh, he's my dad) but he just said I should focus more on (stepson). It's so hard because I'm glad they love him like blood family but I wish they still cared about me.

In my head, I know how selfish I sound. Trust me, I know. My anxiety and depression is getting the best of me and it isn't fair to my family or my husband or my son. I just need support. Someone, please, help.