34 week induction story 🍼

Thought I'd share a picture of My fiance and I just watching TV, as I got admitted to the hospotal Tuesday due to my pre-existing high blood pressure that has now changed into preeclampsia.My placenta is no longer giving our babygirl what she needs, and she has IUGR making her below the 10th percentile in growth.She prety much stopped growing about 3 weeks ago in my belly.I'm now 33 weeks and 4 days today, and the plan is to induce me at 34 weeks on Monday.However, they aren't sure if baby Oaklee can stand the stress of labor so I'll be having a constraction stress test either tomorrow or Sunday to see whether a csection will be required. Of course being 19 and 21 years old, and going to have a 34 week NICU baby that weighs approximately 3 pounds is going to be stressful, but we are ready for the long road ahead of us.Not to mention baby girl is going to be an amazing first Father's Day gift, and our 3 year anniversary together is Monday💚