Mirena Nightmare!

Sabrina🌸 • 🤵👰7/25/15 👧🏼12/6/13 👼2/21/15 👦3/26/16 👧6/27/18 I`m 26 and have 3 beautiful babies! Due with #4 September 2020
Okay so here is my story about Mirena. 
On May 27th I had the Mirena inserted. And I cramped and bled a little afterwards but other than that I didn't have any problems. The NP also didn't have any problems inserting it. Everything went as it should and I was thrilled that I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting to take a pill. At my doctors office when you get the Mirena put in the have to offer you an ultrasound to check the placement of it. I went and had the placement checked on June 6th and come to find out it was half in and have not. The NP who inserted it came in to see if she could see the strings to just pull it out, and she couldn't find them. So after that I was referred to a specialist to see if he could have it removed. Well I was starting to have some cramping and dizziness so I called my doctor office and they got me in to see a different specialist sooner. I went to see the specialist today and he did an exam that required them to give me a numbing shot so I wouldn't be in any pain. After about 20-25 minutes he could not see the Mirena and he couldn't see the string so he manually felt my uterus to see if he could at least feel if and he couldn't. I was then sent downstairs to have another ultrasound done to see where it may be and she couldn't find it. So I was sent over to X-ray to see if it fell out or if it was somewhere else. The specialist called me to tell me that it is definitely still there and in my pelvic area but thinks it may be behind my uterus and went through. I now have to go next Friday the 24th to have laparoscopic surgery to remove it. This whole thing has been a nightmare. Never again! I just hope I will be able to have more kids in my future and that it didn't do any permanent damage.