I didn't even know what to say (LONG and venty)

I've been going to the OB twice a week for a couple of weeks for NST and sugar level checks. Most of the visits have been fine, no worries or anything. That all changed at my last visit. I had a CRAZY nurse. Seriously. I should have know it was going to be an interesting visit when she asked why I was wearing scrubs (I'm a nurse), where I worked, if I was going to work after the baby and how many weeks I was taking, then went into how she stayed home and I would be sad going back to work because 12 weeks is too soon. Good to know. 
First, she dumps my urine without checking it. Pretty important info as I am diabetic. 
Then, she did not verify meds and allergies, ask about any issues or concerns. Basically just has me sit down and get the monitors on. Not huge issues as I am there twice a week, but it is protocol to check every time because they change my insulin regiment every week. 
She forgets to check BP and weight, then writes the weight wrong. 
Then she tells me I should have the baby that day because it is 6/16/16, "a momentous day!" WTF?! 32w5d along, but I should have the baby so she could be born on a kind of 666? And because I know it will be brought up, she was NOT joking. She thought it would be great. 
Less than 1 full minute on the monitor, she said the baby needs to wake up. The minimum time is 15 minutes, so the first seconds are not super relevant. But she goes on and on about making me drink a Diet Coke. I decline. Mention how she can be heard moving. Nurse huffs and leaves. 
5 minutes later, there is movement, but no acels. Pretty much how it is every time I am there. She, again, starts with the Diet Coke. I decline stating I do not drink soda and haven't had caffeine in over a year, so I am not drinking it today. She brings it up 3 more times and I say NO! She marches out saying she was going to talk to the doctor. 
Comes back and starts to pull out a Diet Coke and I tell her I will not drink it. I compromised and said I would drink a bit of Sprite if it was that important to her (I already knew the OB was 100% okay with my choice as we had already talked). She huffed and said "You have gestational diabetes, so I can't give you a Sprite!" I then remind her I do not have GDM, I was diabetic long before I was pregnant and it was Sprite or I was just going to continue drinking my water. She walked out again. 
She comes back a final time and asks what was happening. I pointed out I had a couple of contractions (*I* had to show her where on the chart) and baby had a few decels (again, I had to show her), but a lot of movement. She wasn't happy with not meeting the minimum, so I told her to get the OB to approve the pass, and reminded her I was still early to be starting the NST anyway. She listened, OB was happy, I was happy. 
We get into the exam room and she insists I get a vaginal exam due to the contractions. I tell her I will discuss it with the doctor and if he is concerned I will consent then. He did want to because of how many I had the days before more so than the little ones on the NST, so I was okay with it. Of course, she just HAD to come in and say "I knew you would be getting one of these today!" 
I don't know that I've ever been so aggravated at an appointment before. Luckily I will not have to see her again any time soon!