Is it bad to drink infused fruit water while pregnant?

Maggie • 🌈My Rainbow Baby👶🏻❤️
So one of my moms friend came over while I was cutting up fruits to try this infused fruit water because I've been feeling really thirsty lately and I've never been a big fan of water but I'd do anything for my baby so I've been drinking more water recently but its just so flavorless and plain so I was shopping and I came across this infuse bottle and I bought some fruits to try it so this lady walks in and says oh your eating fruits that's nice but when she saw the bottle she said wait your gonna make the infused fruit water and I was like yeah is there a problem and she said that it is bad for pregnant women and she went on about how it makes you loose weight and loosing weight during pregnancy is bad. So I just ate the fruits and didn't even bother. A side of me was like......ehh and then again its my first time ever being preggo so I didn't want to risk it... Any opinions?