This Is NOT what I expected. .. advice needed

Lynzie • wife, sister, daughter, mother of 1 beautiful little girl😍

So I'll try to explain my situation as best I can.. sorry for this being a long post.

So I was living with my mom and I suddenly eloped to a different state across the country. It was totally out of the blue, my mom wasn't expecting it at all. I'm 23 by the way. I've known my husband since high school so I didn't marry someone I don't know but it was kinda a shotgun wedding. We got married 6 months ago and started trying to have a baby. Well i am now 5 weeks pregant. For the record, I am very happy with the man I married but his attitude toward this baby is totally NOT what I was hoping for. He wanted a baby as bad as I did. But now that I am pregnant it's like he totally doesn't care about it. He hasn't even asked me how I am feeling, how my symptoms are or any of that. I told him yesterday that our baby was about the size of a sesame seed. He didn't really say anything, in fact he kind of ignored me and acted distracted. He just doesn't seem excited about it at all. I tried showing my excitement to him by saying "oh baby oh baby" and nothing. He just raised his eyebrows like I was crazy. So here I am, across the country from my family, pregnant and my husband doesn't seem excited about the pregnancy AT ALL. What's his problem???

Also, our financial situation isn't looking go so good... I am unemployed, I haven't been able to find work since I've been here. He has been missing a lot of work lately because he has been having car problems so I'm afraid he is on the verge of getting fired.

We have been planning on moving back to my home state in a couple months but I'm just afraid it won't happen before the baby comes. My mom really wants to be there when I have the baby and I HATE living in this state that I am in. I told my husband that we have to move back and he seemed to be on board with it. Now I am just scared that I will end up stuck here and I'm also worried that my marriage isn't going to work out. We both wanted this baby so bad but now that I am pregnant, I feel like I have made the biggest mistake of my life!

I really hope this is just pregnancy hormones and I shouldn't be so upset about this but I honestly cannot help it! This baby will be my number 1 priority and I'm afraid that I will have to ask my family for help, which I do not want to do. Am I just hormonal?? Or do I have good reason to be stressed out and worried? I'm really afraid that I made a mistake, not just.the baby but also my marriage. Any advice?? I'm freaking out right now. ..😭