Erin w. 🍫 • #blacklivesmatter #pro-choice #womanist
I just wanna get some things off my chest. Now a lot of girls are worried about being a virgin and not being a virgin ,and it's driving them up a wall. Listen to me, Virginity is not real. It was made up by society to just shame women. If you feel comfortable, know about safe sex, and you're confident in yourself by all means have sex. Don't let anyone slut shame you. To all the slut shamers if you ain't, paying their bills, feeding them, taking care of them, or even fucking them stay out their vagina PLEASE. You sound like a bitter old lady who's vagina dried up. If a boy went around fucking 20 women you would be like "Boys will be boys!" Which is a very internalized misogynistic saying. But god FORBID a girl feels good in her body and showing it off to others. Now to the girls who are more closed off and feel empowered not showing off their body that is ok too! As long as you don't tear down your fellow vagina buddy then be confident in your covered skin! Let girls sexualize themselves, society has been doing it forever WITHOUT our consent.