Breastfeeding Twins

My twins came early @ 32 weeks and had to spend a month in the NICU. I've been pumping since they were born so they could get breast milk. Long story short, we have been home now about 3 weeks & it's been a long exhausting process trying to teach them to get the hang of breastfeeding & tandem feeding at that! Littlest one was still requiring a breast shield up until recently. Because they were so early & so small & when they were weighed in NICU before/after breastfeeding they never took a whole lot,l have been having to pump after & supplement them with breast milk in a bottle. 😔 After two months of pumping I am so wishing I could be done with this process but I hang in there because I know it's best for my babies. Waiting until next Drs visit to do weight check to see if I'm cleared to try EBF. Any other moms been through this? How long did it take your twins to get the hang of breastfeeding & EBF?