How to get Psycho Cat to take medicine 101: HELP

Jessa • Unofficial nomad. Aspiring midwife. Fierce lover of naps.
Psycho Cat has suddenly started wheezing and is unable to take full breath. Sister takes Psycho Cat to vet. Vet diagnoses about 937027 different possibilities, prescribes 3 medications and requests to see Psycho Cat again next week.
Psycho Cat gets home and continues with random psychotic (and rather wheezy) activities. Now I am in charge of administering medicine.
HOW DO I GIVE THIS CAT MEDICINE. Holy crap, as soon as I try, Psycho Cat FLIPS SHIT and starts foaming at the mouth and making sounds NO LIVING CREATURE SHOULD EVER MAKE.
PS: here is a lovely photo of Brother and Psycho Cat for your enjoyment.