Boyfriend + pregnancy problems

Hello ladies. This is going to be a little rant ending with serious questions. So I am 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my 2nd child. This is my boyfriend's 1st baby and he is driving me fucking crazy!!! He doesn't understand how this works as far as hormones or "pregnancy brain" since I've been pregnant all we do is have stupid arguments!! I always forget things like my wallet, keys etc. And that annoys the shit out of him. He says all the time, "no you don't get a pass for this or that" but in the same breath says he understands that I'm pregnant. Lol he is driving me crazy. I cannot wait to have this kid!!! Did any of you go through this or still going through this? How did you get through it and did it get better after baby was born? I'm honestly scared that this will get more petty once baby is born. Smh