Worried.... 😭

Ok so my friend has been really depressed lately thinking about his dad and stuff about his family he recently got a gf who I guess is ok but she's a year younger the other night I had a dream that he had cut his wrists and then the next day I came to school and he did 😱😭 it was bad thank god 🙏 but it's really worrying me I started freaking out about if I had a dream that he hung him self it would come true (obviously wouldn't that was just a coincidence) he seems upset when he comes into classes after recess and lunch he has new friend who is also a year younger apparently he has tried commiting sucide twice! I'm starting to worry he may be a bad influence but ... seems ok when I talk to him and cheer him up I'm just not sure how to get through to him without being a bitch I've told him to stop and stop saying he's gonna kill himself because he has A LOT to live for but he doesn't beleive me how do I get through to him?? 
PS. Sorry it's so long