Baby doppler ❤

Nicole • Olivia 24/12/16 & now Ttc baby #2♡

When me & my fiance went for our 12 week scan/bloods the woman who was doing it never let us hear the heartbeat or told us the rate just said it was a very strong healthy beat&baby. (Also bloods came back with low risk for downs etc🎊)

So me being the stickler that I am, felt it was unfair that some ladies got told this without even having to ask, so I decided to buy a baby doppler online. It came today & WOW!!. Now not only have my fiance and I heard the heartbeat, my whole family has ! Was incredible especially because 1 minute it was over my right side and then I got up and moved about for a minute and then baby was on the left.(definitely only 1 baby btw haha!) I thought the scan photo made it feel real but after hearing that.. We are more in love with our baby than we ever thought we could be at this early stage ❤❤❤

Just wanted to share with you ladies as I am bursting with love/excitement 🙅💕