After 2 years trying! BFP!!

My husband and I have unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant for 2  years. First round of clomid, got a short period and thought it didnt work so we went to an amusement park (rode some roller coasters!). the day we came back I started bleeding with a lot of pain, so I went to the doctor. He checked my ovarian cyst to see if it had burst it hadnt, so he moved down to my uterus and asked if i had tested. I said "of course not, I had my period... am I pregnant?!?" He said "I think you are." I did an urine test and BAM! instant dark bfp. blood test came back that afternoon with hormones at 12.000+. Doctor said I had a threatened miscarriage but I trusted God. Ultrasound 2 days later showed the baby had grown but the gestational sac had an irregular shape. Doctor had me come back a week later. Lo and behold, baby was perfect, sac was perfect and round, and the heart was beating!! It is my miracle baby in my first round of clomid! So ladies, even if you get your period, TEST! If I hadnt had the bleeding and pain, I would have never gone to the doctor, and it would have been many weeks before I found out. We are 7 weeks 1 day today :) Baby dust to everyone!