anyone else having some early nesting instincts?

I've always been kind of messy and never cared for keeping things tidy or accumulating nice furniture or anything, but in the last few weeks I've become quite the clean freak, keeping busy with all kinds of random cleaning projects (like scrubbing the inside of the fridge), and even ordering a sleek new vacuum online. 😨

the biggest piece of excitement in my life currently (besides the baby lol) is shopping for a new bed and bedding, something that was so low priority before pregnancy that SO and i were literally sleeping on a futon mattress on our floor. NO MORE! time for a nice king size set up with a black frame and some bright colored sheets and duvet. 💛💙💚💛💙

have you noticed any changes in your relationship to your home, or things that you feel you need to change or renovate before december comes?