Being asked or nudes.

I don't know how and I don't know why but for some reason a lot of guys think it's okay to ask me for nudes and it's getting so over the top. 
There's one guy from my church who I was like in love with for 2 years and whatever he had feelings for me to but towards the end he just wanted pics and nothing else to do with me. Anyway I got a boyfriend and a year later we broke up and the church boy started texting me again. He aologised for everything seemed so guilty when I saw him at church. 
Then the nude asking started again. Im so emotionally attached to him idk what to do. I don't like him or love him I'm just attached. What should I do?? He said I'll feel good for once as he'll wank over them. Firmly, I said 'fuck this I'm out' 
But in already hurting. Someone tell me how this can be easier or something. 
What do I say to him