Csection in detroit

Had to go to Detroit to have my baby. Due to being high risk. Went to st.johns on moross rd. Let me say this. This was my 4th csection, all 4 were high risk. This was the first time I had to go to Detroit. Anyway. The hospital was amazing. The staff was fantastic. I had 2 student nurses and honestly they got me through my anxiety and we're just so great! My csection was for 1030 so we got there at 8 . It was pushed back until 2 because of some emergency csections. I got to talk to and bond with the student nurses ( it was thier 2nd year there) my husband and I were very scared,excited and anxious. The nurses stayed with me the entire time. Once I had the catheter in I started to panick. Shit was becoming real! Lol. So they wheeled me back and had me sit on the table with my head down. Started freaking out as the anesthesiologist was doing what she needed to do. The nurses gave me hugs and told me my breathing was perfect nice long inhale and exhale. I was crying and shaking. I HATED every second. You would be amazed at what a hug from a caring nurse can do though. Once they did the spinal I had to lay back quickly. One nurse was allowed to stay next to me the whole time. She held my hand and talked me through. My husband came in and held my other hand. A few minutes later our sweet baby girl isabella was here. So chubby and pink and just...to me...perfect. I also had a tubal done so even though that took 40 mins it didn't seem like it. I got to come home 48 hours after. Still sore and swollen but healing good.