Baby position question?


For those of you who know or have figured out your baby's position... where do you feel movements?

A long while ago I asked a similar question and was told that the hiccups were were the baby's head was.

Well the hiccups I've felt have been very low by my left hip. So I assumed she was head down. But she is so active sometimes that I can watch my stomach thrust out on opposite sides (near my ribs) and a second later there will be a ton of movement down lower below my belly button. And I can watch her ripple through from the left side of my stomach to the right like she's swimming but I'm just not sure how she has enough room!

I can not figure out what this girl is doing in there! Unless she's upside down, spread eagle kicking and throwing her arms around in there... or there's two of them hahaha

I'd love to hear how you know what position your baby's are in! I have an ultrasound Tuesday and can't wait to find out and see her! :)