Am I wrong?

So I have this friends (married couple)we're quite close and all. The wife lives in another country but I stay in touch with her daily. After 5 months into my marriage, my hubby got an impromptu transfer to go work in Asia and I'd have to go with. So I informed my friends but only these married friends of mine thought it was wrong for me to inform them at the 11th hour. I had already been far away from them since I got married and relocated, so I didn't understand why they were upset that I was gonna travel along with my hubby. Anyway, along the line, the wife kept questioning me like I was 9 and she kept hammering that her hubby, my other friend isn't cool with the late info, so I kind of lost it a little and stated that her hubby needs to stop prying in my biz(he's used to doing so)So she took offence and immediately, I apologised to her a number of times as I felt bad and I begged her not to tell her hubby about my statement. We all have been cool until recently I discovered that her hubby lost his phone, got another but decided not to re add me to his friends list. So I'm thinking, could it be because of that issue?